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Here's Why Advertisers Choose H&SH Magazine!

"We get more calls from H&SH than any other publication--and I've tried lots!"

"We're getting a ton of calls from breeders requesting tapes. We couldn't be more pleased."

"We received many calls from our ads in H&SH! H&SH readers know what they want . . . ."

"Advertising in H&SH is a rare and good value in today's equine marketplace."


Who Sees Your Ad In Hunter & Sport Horse Magazine?

More than 29,000 loyal subscribers across the continent will see your ad! Our audience is made of eventing, dressage and hunter/jumper riders. 95% of them own at least three horses. 95% compete regularly. 91% of them list riding and competing as their Number One recreational expenditure. 60% maintain their own stable. Our readers are affluent, educated people who are dedicated to the sport horse community.

Publishing Schedule

Jan/Feb Stallion Issue:
Mails Jan 10th. Please reserve ad space by Nov 25th.
Artwork deadline Dec 10th.

Mar/Apr Spring Performance Issue With Pony & Young Rider Theme:
Mails Mar 10th. Reserve ad space by Jan 25th.
Artwork deadline Feb 10th.

May/June Competition Issue With Special Dressage Theme:
Mails May 10th. Reserve ad space by Mar 25th.
Artwork deadline Apr 10th.

July/Aug For-Sale Issue With Eventing Theme:
Mails Jul 10th. Reserve ad space by May 25th.
Artwork deadline Jun 10th.

Sep/Oct Fall Performance Issue With Hunter/Jumper Theme:
Mails Sep 10th. Reserve ad space by Jul 25th.
Artwork deadline Aug 10th.

Nov/Dec Breeding & Gift Issue:
Mails Nov 10th. Reserve ad space by Sep 25th.
Artwork deadline Oct 10th.

RATE CARD #8, effective 11/25/06

  Ad runs
1 time
2 times 6 times
1 page $1,445 $1,365 $1,285
2/3 page $1,090 $1,010 $930
VIP 1/2 page
(vertical and island-shaped halves)
$930 $850 $770
1/2 page
$905 $825 $745
1/3 page $725 $670 $615
1/4 page $605 $550 $495
1/6 page $480 $425 $370

  Ad runs
1 time
2 times 6 times
Cover $2,055 $1,975 $1,895
1 page $1,935 $1,855 $1,775
2/3 page $1,640 $1,560 $1,485
VIP 1/2 page
(vertical and island-shaped halves)
$1,480 $1,400 $1,320
1/2 page
$1,455 $1,375 $1,295
1/3 page $1,275 $1,220 $1,165
1/4 page $1,155 $1,100 $1,045
1/6 page $1,030 $975 $920

There is a 10% surcharge for guaranteed position (right-hand, etc.). This service is available for ads which are half-page or larger.

Stallion ads are eligible for our Discounted Stallion Rate Card. A signed advertising agreement is required. This applies specifically to our Nov/Dec Breeding, Jan/Feb Stallion, and Mar/Apr Pony & Young Rider Issues.

Display ads about horses for sale get a 50% discount in our July/August 2008 Horse-For-Sale Issue. Signed advertising agreement is required.   July/August's HALF-PRICE, Horse-For-Sale Discount is a once-a-year, special advertising opportunity!  

Pdf files supplied on CD with accurate proof prior to artwork deadline qualify the advertiser for a 15% camera-ready discount. Rates are not further commissionable. Advertising agreement will reflect all discounts by showing the net amount. Signed advertising agreement is required.

Ads should be submitted on CD with an accurate proof. ALL color ads which are submitted without a cmyk proof will incur a $35 proof charge. Minimum resolution: 300 dpi. Cmyk or grayscale. Format: Mac-compatible pdf (with all fonts embedded) or flattened tiff.

Fast, Friendly, Professional Copywriting/Design/Graphic Services

The staff at Hunter and Sport Horse Magazine is best known for writing and designing our publication's editorial, as well as many of the ads contained within the publication. However, H&SH Magazine is owned by Silver Square Tech, Inc. whose marketing professionals perform writing and graphic services for a diverse clientele in many industries.


We are affordable!

Our basic charges start at about $40-$60 dollars to write, design and typeset a black and white ad with one photo.(supplied by client) The clients recieves a press ready, high resolution PDF file.

CLICK HERE to contact us if you need:

-Copywriting for new releases or ads.

-Copywriting for brochures, catalogs, websites.

-Ad design

-Catalog preparation

-Banners for websites.

Ads 2 HSH


Ask about submitting news releases for your products for the magazine's Post Entries news section!

Did you know that our rate card offers a Frequency Discount when you sign up for two ads? Other magazines refuse to offer any frequency discount until you run three ads.

Also, advertisers who have signed, six-time advertising agreements are welcome to place a banner on our Sample Articles Page--at no extra charge! The banner runs for the duration of the contract, a value of $2,400.00. There are two banner sizes to choose from: 125 pixels x 400 pixels, or 400 pixels x 125 pixels.

Trim size: 8-1/8" by 10-7/8."
Bleed size: 1/8" on EACH edge; 8-3/8" by 11-1/8."
Please keep register and crop marks OUTSIDE the bleed dimensions and keep live material at least 1/2" inside the TRIM dimensions.

1 page Trims to 8-1/8" wide x 10-7/8" tall
2/3 pg 4-5/8" wide x 9-7/8" tall
VIP 1/2 Vertical half 3-1/2" wide x 9-7/8" tall
Island half 4-5/8" wide x 7" tall
Standard 1/2 Horizontal half 7" wide x 4-7/8" tall
1/3 pg Square 4-5/8" wide x 4-7/8" tall
Vertical 2-1/4" wide x 9-7/8" tall
1/4 pg 3-1/2" wide x 4-7/8" tall
1/6 pg Vertical 2-1/4" wide x 4-7/8" tall
Horizontal 4-5/8" wide x 2-3/8" tall

For information about non-display ads (Shoppin' ads & Classified ads), please contact us at

260-244-4019 or [email protected]

A Shoppin' ad is 3-1/8" wide x 2-1/8" tall. Black-and-white, arranged eight to a page. A Shoppin' ad costs $160. This rate is reduced to $150 per ad for two or more insertions. Savings Bonus---Hunter & Sport Horse Magazine puts standard Shoppin' art together for FREE. Call 260-244-4019 for details.

Classified ads are text only (no photos). $50 for 50 words. Add $10 to have the ad boxed. Save money by signing up for a boxed Classified ad for a year for only $300. Bonus---Classified ads receive additional exposure in the Classified listings on our website.

Classified ads must be prepaid and are not accepted by phone or email. To fax in your Classified ad with Visa or Mastercard information: 260-244-4023. To mail your ad with a check: Hunter & Sport Horse Magazine, 5188 East 500 South, COLUMBIA CITY IN 46725.


When you place your banner on our site, visitors can simply click and zoom straight to YOUR HOMEPAGE!! We will accept a limited number of banners. Each banner runs for 60 days. 60 Day periods coincide with our bimonthly print issues-- for example, from early September to early November, from early November to early January, and so on.

Banner size is 125 pixels x 400 pixels, or 400 pixels x 125 pixels.

Banner on Home Page: $500

Banner on Humor Page: $400

Banner on Horse for sale:$400

We will be happy to design your banner for you at no additional charge.

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To Request Advertising Info

Thank you for visiting the Hunter & Sport Horse Website. If you would like more advertising information, please call 260-244-4019. If you'd like to subscribe, you are cordially invited to call 1-800-554-7470. Thank you!

Who Advertises In Hunter & Sport Horse?

Our advertisers include the equestrian world's most respected suppliers. Here are just a few of them.
Health & Grooming: Farnam Companies; WF Young/Absorbine; Merial/UlcerGard; Fort Dodge Animal Health; Luitpold Pharmaceuticals; Halstrum Hyaluronic Joint Supplement; Spalding Labs; Bayer Corp.; Intervet; GLC Joint Supplement; Joz, Inc.; Heartland Veterinary Supply; TimberCrest Equine Therapy; Immunall; Hamilton Research; Transfer Factor/Equi-Life; and many more.

Nutrition: Purina Mills; SmartPak Equine; and more.

Apparel, Saddlery, Accessories: Beval Ltd.; Kerrits Activewear; Schleese Saddlery; Dover Saddlery; Intrepid International; Ashley's Fine Equestrian Gifts & Jewelry; Eimer Designs Jewelry; Cobblestone Equine; CorrecTOR Saddle Pad; Rein-Aid; Classic Saddlery; Grand Champion Saddlery; Donne & Cavalli; Brandy Parfum; St. Croix Saddlery; Horse Lovers Catalog; Vogel Boots; Passier & Sohn Saddles; Ansur Saddlery, LLC; Simple Change Browbands; Crown Jewel Designs; Gateway Precision Reins; Southwest Saddlery; Hastilow "All English" Saddlery; Scent-A-Tack; Alpine Publications; and more!

Insurance: Buxton Equine Insurance; Hallmark Insurance; US Rider Motor Plan; Dietrich Insurance; more.

Trailers/Farm Equipment: Pegasus Vans; Nelson Waterers; LifeTime Lumber Fencing; Loddon Stalls; Linear Rubber; Dandy "PaveSafe" Products; Rockin' J Horse Stalls; Parma Co.; Equus Products Inc.; AWF Equine Stalls; Northside Trailers; "Automist" United Spray Systems; Greenwood Equine Equipment; Robb's Trailer Sales; more.

Associations: American Hanoverian Society; American Trakehner Association; BWP/NAD; KWPN-NA; American Warmblood & Sportpony Registry; American Holsteiner Horse Association; Irish Draught Horse Society/NA; Arabian Horse Associatioin; North American Selle Francais Association; RPSI; ISR/Oldenburg of North America; IROC; IHF; IJF; and numerous regional breeders groups.
This is a partial list--there are many more!

Sept/Oct 2007


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