The Ruger American Rifle in 450 Bushmaster Review

Sturm, Ruger & Co., the company behind the Ruger American Rifle series, has earned a reputation for producing high-quality family budge-level rifles ideal for hunting and sporting. This rifle has caught the attention of many hunting enthusiasts.

The Ruger American Rifle in 450 Bushmaster features a GoWild I-M Brush Camo pattern. This pattern will undoubtedly appeal to hunting fans. This rifle offers minute-of-angle accuracy that makes every hunting trip a success.

The Ruger American Rifle is a 100 percent American made firearm that offers exceptional performance with a design to match. This rifle has an ergonomic, lightweight synthetic design that is smooth and nice looking. This rifle has been designed for easy and quick handling. This rifle has a modern forend contouring and grip serrations.

The Ruger American rifle comes weighs about 6.6 Ibs and is available in cerakote bronze finish. The barrel of this ripe is about 22 inches in length, and the barrel is about 22 inches.

The American Rifle Ruger comes with a marksman adjustable trigger that offers a crisp release. This trigger has a pull weight that can be adjusted by the user. You can adjust between 3 to 5 pounds, which enables the shooter to get more perfect shots. The American Ruger Rifle has a cold hammer-forged barrel that will result in ultra-precise shooting and longevity. The receiver comes with a 3/8 rimfire scope base. This Ruger piece comes with a 450 Bushmaster 450 caliber.

This American Ruger Rifle features a visible, accessible, and easy to use actuate tang safety that provides the shooter instant security. This rifle comes with an easy-to-use extended magazine. This magazine release provides a smooth uncomplicated removal of flush-mounted magazine.

This Ruger rifle comes with a soft rubber butt-pad designed for maximum recoil reduction. And this firearm comes with a 60 percent bolt throw that provides necessary scope clearance and a receiver that is easy to use. The receiver-mounted bolt release allows the bolt to be easily removed without requiring the shooter to pull the trigger. This unique feature ensures safety among all the rimfire bolt-action rifles on the market.

Like other rifles in the Ruger collection, the American Rifle with GO WILD Camo 540 Bushmaster is widely available for sale. However, Buds Gun Shop offers the best deal. You can buy a rifle from this store for $479.00 as a discount. The typical retail price of this hunting rifle is $493.37. You get free shipping when you buy this Ruger American rifle from this online store.

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Buds Gun Shop specializes in selling high-quality products and offers expert shipping service. You will need to provide your Federal Firearms License (FFL) to have the ownership of any firearm to be transferred.

Sept/Oct 2007


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